Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

What is CIO Consulting?  A CIO or Chief Information Officer is a role to ensure IT is running at the highest efficiency improving your company’s overall return on investment (ROI).  Your IT’s success rests on the shoulders of those managing your IT.  Without leadership is like a ship without a captain.  More than half of all IT projects fail.  To tackle these odds, A Managed IT Service Provider can be your CIO Consulting partner.

The Circle can be your active practitioner of modern technologies.  We provide sustainable and cost-effective strategies to help address complex business issues.  Improve your overall technology infrastructure with The Circle’s CIO Consulting offerings.  We can be your CIO or assist your existing CIO with the following consulting solutions:


Infrastructure Design & Development

Design and develop overall organization model of the hardware, software, enterprise, network, and database systems. Strategically planning and organizing these systems indicating low and high-level functions detailing reports and managerial chain-of-command creating a management model. Align departments with the goals of their business and ensuring the defined structure continues to meet the organization’s growing needs.

Management & Governance

Increase organizational productivity by helping make informed decisions on IT needs and services by looking at various resources and their lifecycle stages. Providing initial inventory and continued governance of additional IT assets and their lifecycles leading to longer lead times of ordering and replacement improving return on investments, avoid internal and external audit consequences and keep relevant of future technologies.

Security & Business Continuity

IT Security leads to business continuity. Starts with Risk assessment identifying any assets, risks, probabilities, and costs that could lead to an attack and disruption of a company’s workflow. Risk assessments lead to an action plan of protection, detection, and response across all physical, administrative, and technical dimensions of our client's business.

IT Products and Solutions Sourcing

Strategic sourcing of IT Hardware (Computers, Laptops, Servers, etc.) & Software purchases that meet the budget and appropriate needs of the clients.